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Our coaches offer plenty of space for your luggage. Please read our luggage guidelines before departure, in order to be aware of what is transported free of charge and what is subject to oversize baggage regulations and fees.


Free luggage allowance, per person:

One standard piece

for the hold of max. 20kg. The sum of the three sides (combined length + height + width) may not exceed 160 cm maximum.

One piece of hand luggage

of max. 7kg. Maximum measurements 42 x 30 x 18 cm.

1 Pair of skis

per passenger. Please note: Only if sufficient hold space is available!

Excess luggage:

Luggage which may only be carried against a fee

Further luggage pieces count as excess baggage and must be notified and paid for at time of booking. against a fee of CHF 3 per piece. Maximum one excess piece per passenger. Transportation of excess luggage which has not been notified in advance cannot be guaranteed. A piece of luggage is considered standard when its weight does not exceed 20 kg and the sum of the three sides does not exceed 160 cm (combined length + height + width). Beyond those measurements the piece is considered to be oversize. Oversize luggage will be accepted at a charge of CHF 11 per piece (max. 1 piece per traveller). Oversize pieces must be notified by telephone at the earliest 48 hours before departure to  number +49 30 300 137 300. Carriage of oversize pieces cannot be guaranteed. Bicycles must also be registered and paid for at the time of booking (CHF 11 per bicycle).

Forbidden luggage:

Luggage which cannot be transported:

We do not allow pets travelling aboard our coaches for security reasons. Exception is made for guide dogs for visually-impaired passengers. Please notify their presence by telephone to number +49 30 300 137 300 at the latest 48 hours prior to departure. Carriage of dangerous, inflammable or explosive goods is forbidden.

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